I’m a Current Patient

Thank you for placing your trust in Pienkowski, MD for your continued allergy, asthma, and immunity care.

Welcome Back

We at Pienkowski, MD often hear that our patients are “feeling fine” after an initial appointment with Dr. Pienkowski and possibly starting on a customized immunotherapy regimen.

Let us not only keep you “feeling fine” but get you feeling even better. Of course we understand that life is busy. However, if you came to see us at any one of our five locations, it means you’ve sought the care of an allergy, asthma, and immunity specialist.

Trust us to do what we do best. Our patients who keep follow-up appointments will tell you that it’s well worth the visit.


6 + 12 Month Follow-up
Having already placed your trust in us for your allergy, asthma and immunity care, believe us when we say at least some annual follow-ups are required to effectively managed your condition(s).
Patients on immunotherapy, be advised that Dr. Pienkowski requires you all to keep your follow-up appointments. Assessing your progress, checking your reactions, and perhaps adjusting your treatment in follow-up appointments.


Vial Reorders
Patients starting immunotherapy, are advised to receive the injections for immunotherapy in our clinics. Dr. Pienkowski is certain that our nurses give proper subcutaneous injections, which is something he cannot guarantee everywhere. Understanding that sometimes another physician’s office is more conveniently located, we must emphasize that is the patient’s responsibility for reordering allergens, not the facilities.


Sick Patient
While we here at Pienkowski MD Clinic understand that some medical practices in our community will not see "sick patients," we do not discriminate. There is no need to fill out additional sick patient paperwork. Rather, just let Dr. Pienkowski and his great medical staff know at the time of your appointment and we will help put you back on track to better health.