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Read about the experience of past and current patients. We are extremely greatful for their kind and insightful feedback.

Testimonial Only Dr. Pienkowski, myself, and the Good Lord knows what we have been through. Nearly thirty years ago, Dr. Pienkowski took me on as a patient for nearly fatal, allergic reactions to honeybee stings. He performed a cutting-edge venom desensitization treatment on me and jumped through hoops to find a hospital that would give him permission to perform the treatment. I would not be alive today without Dr. Pienkowski.

Tony W.

Testimonial Dr. Pienkowski’s care has been life changing for me. I have highly recommended Dr. Pienkowski to all my friends and acquaintances throughout the years. Whenever I meet somebody with red eyes, sneezing fits, and obvious congestion, I tell them to see my Dr. Pienkowski. Do I think he hung the moon and stars? No, I know God did that. Do I think he is a SUPER STAR? You bet!

Faye H.

Testimonial When I first came to see Dr. Pienkowski, I was staying very sick with pneumonia and sinus infections. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Pienkowski diagnosed me with Severe Combined Immune Disorder. With his guidance and under his care, I feel so much better! I highly recommend Dr. Pienkowski to anybody, and his staff has become like family to me.

Melanie H.

Testimonial When I first started seeing Dr. Pienkowski, I was having serious problems with my breathing, frequently had a soar throat resulting in voice-loss, and previously misdiagnosed GI problems. I would have to leave work early with asthma issues and would often miss family hikes and parties. Now I understand my GI issues were caused by food allergies, my asthma is almost totally under control, and I rarely suffer soar throats. Other doctors tried to treat each of my problems separately but Dr. Pienkowski saw the whole picture. He saw me as a person, not a set of symptoms.

Katherine G.

Testimonial I could honestly write a BOOK about how miraculous a change our family’s health has undergone since we got to know “Dr. P.” In a nutshell, my son was slated to have tubes put in his ears and we took him for a visit with Dr. P two days before the surgery. Dr. P told us the surgery was completely unnecessary and our son rapidly got better under Dr. P’s care. Convinced by our son’s improved health, the rest of my family started to see Dr. P. We used to ALL take turns being sick. Now, we all enjoy wonderful health!

O’Neil Family

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